Parenting: The Circle of Security

Ahhhh, parenting… wonderful, exciting, terrifying, confusing, and at times, difficult. Who among us has not struggled with decisions that we have made as parents, unruly toddlers, unpredictable tweens, rebellious teens, and the list goes on. Aptly put by John Wilmot when he declares “Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children, now I have six children and no theories.”

Since children don’t come with an owner’s manual, there can be a good bit of confusion about our roles as parents. Over the next weeks, I will turn attention to the art of parenting… simple and easy tools in our parenting “tool box” to help us along the way. By using these tools, and changing the way we behave, we can begin to be the parents that are able to remain calm and  connected with our children. When we change our behavior, our relationship with our children will change.  Will this change happen overnight? Most likely not, however lasting change takes time, and aren’t our children worth it?

And so we begin with the Circle of Security… quick video here!

Such a great lesson on how to be available to our children, no matter what their needs are. This is the foundation that will underpin all effective parenting as we explore additional ways to stay connected with our children, no matter with their ages, and parent with love and integrity.