Coaching & support

“Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help”
– Pope Paul VI

Groups & Coaching

Be part of a supportive community

In keeping with my belief that we are all unique individuals with different needs, groups and coaching allow clients to receive the assistance that they need without the more in-depth work of therapy. By joining together in a group, the cost per client is reduced and the opportunity to share and learn from others is increased. Additionally, group members may become a source of support and comfort, knowing that others share in the same experience.

Being part of a group offers participants the opportunity to gain new perspectives beyond that of the therapist, as well as be part of a supportive community. Groups that are currently offered are:

Scream Free Parenting
(8 weeks)

Based on the New York Times best-selling book by Hal Runkel, this parent coaching group uses entertaining video, in-group discussions and assignments outside of the coaching time to help parents overcome the struggles with their children. By using simple strategies, parents will learn to calm their emotional reactivity and parent from a connected and loving place, revolutionizing their relationships with their children and creating peace within the family. This is a practical and effective journey towards parenting from a place of love and integrity rather than fear and coercion. I’ve applied these principle in my own home, creating the connected relationship that I want for my family.

Grief, Growth and Getting Your Groove Back: A Post-Divorce Group for Women
(8 weeks)

The first two years after divorce can be a painful and lonely time, yet research shows that it can also be an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and new discoveries. This journey helps to lead women through grieving the marriage and unfulfilled dreams to a time of healing, hope and exploring what it will be to “get your groove back”. Topics include life seasons and self-care, divorce myths and facts, grief, letting go, boundaries, new discoveries, dating (or not), and looking towards the future. Gain a better understanding of what post-divorce life can be while surrounding yourself with the support that you need.

It’s All About Me: The Narcissist in Your Relationship and How to Cope

Narcissism wears many faces and may be apparent in a variety of ways. From the mildly annoying friend or partner, to an abusive boss, there are some indicators that you may have one (or more) narcissistic people in your life. Is there an excessive need for admiration and attention? A sense of entitlement? Is this person highly sensitive to criticism or insensitive to others needs? Do they tend to dominate the conversation or put others down to elevate themselves?

If you suspect that you are in close contact with someone whose actions are causing you pain, this group explores the many facets of Narcissism and allows participants to become better skilled at recognizing what is happening in the relationship and how to move forward in a healthy way. Participation in this group allows for exploration, insight, and support from others who are experiencing similar relationship dynamics, allowing you to feel supported and no longer alone.

Please call or email me if you would like to know more about joining a group. or complete the Contact Form and I will return your communication, generally the same day or within 24-hours.