The Teenage Brain… What the Heck is Going On In There?


As a parent, and as someone who has the great privilege of helping others with their relationships, teen behavior can often be the topic with a great deal of angst, yet few solutions. Instead of writing about this, I came upon this interview on Nashville Public radio. If you have even wondered why teens do [...]

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To Everything There Is A Season


As time moves forward and beckons us to once again “spring forward” on March 12, I am reminded that nature and the seasons prove to be wise teachers. Unlike seasons, we often attempt to live our lives in a linear and horizontal fashion, with “A” preceding “B”, and so forth. Instead, if we could begin [...]

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Normalizing & Understanding Anxiety and Depression


While at my primary care physicians office earlier this week, we began a discussion on anxiety and depression, and how prevalent they are in our society today... especially in first world countries such as ours. As a therapist, I have had the opportunity to learn more about "brain science", and how our brains are actually [...]

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Where's Your Zipper? That's an odd question... what do you mean, where is my zipper? We'll get to that in a moment. With the holidays upon us, I thought this an opportune time to get into the business of establishing and maintaining our personal boundaries. So, what is a boundary exactly? Mr. Webster defines a boundary [...]


Rethinking Thankfulness


Gratitude Keeps Thankfulness Going Several months ago when I made the decision to write about thankfulness this week before Thanksgiving, our world looked substantially different… we had not seen the horrific attacks on Paris, nor had we become entrenched as a nation in the debate over Syrian refugees. Thankfulness somehow seems more urgent today. I’ve [...]

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WHAT WE THINK AFFECTS HOW WE FEEL I've recently added a member to our family... a puppy. Although currently 6 months old, she weighs in at around 60 pounds and being a "Heinz 57", is a mix of Black Lab and German Shepherd... goofy and puppy-like much of the time, she can certainly look somewhat [...]

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